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Refund Policy
Warranty and Nature of Wines
  • If you are a consumer then we warrant that the wines purchased from us will be of satisfactory quality.
  • If you are a business then we confirm that we have made reasonable endeavours to ensure that wines sold by us are of satisfactory quality.
  • We do not warrant taste or drinkability of wines purchased as drinkability and taste are subjective judgements.
  • With respect to older or high-value wines we will make reasonable efforts to verify the provenance of such wines but we cannot guarantee the authenticity or quality of the wine in the bottle.
  • Older products may age and mature in different ways which may not be to all tastes, and some wines may deteriorate in quality.
  • Opinions as to authenticity and provenance will vary and in many cases even following scientific testing and detailed research it is not possible to establish the authenticity or provenance of a given wine definitively.
  • We regret that given the nature of the wines we sell we do not provide refunds for corked wines.
  • Where wines are not (in our opinion) in perfect condition then the wines will be sold at a discount and we will supply a condition report together with photographs and such other information as may be available to us and it will be your decision whether or not to proceed with the purchase based on this information.
  • Where you have purchased wines from us then you accept that these wines may be subject to defects, imperfections, shortages, damage and normal wear and tear.
  • You accept that wines will be in the condition to be expected having regard to their age, provenance and nature or where we have notified you of any such condition or defect.
  • We do not accept liability for minor or inconsequential defects or imperfections.
  • We may provide provenance information to you which has been given to us by our supplier however we are not able to research, test or verify this information. We cannot and do not warrant any such statements.
  • You accept that given the nature of wines these terms are reasonable in all the circumstances.
Once an Order has been placed & accepted, no cancellation of that Order is valid unless you receive our written communication permitting the cancelled Order. If your Order is not accepted, we will notify you by telephone or email and, if applicable, arrange for a full refund of any payment made by you to be processed. Please contact us at +65 8614 3879