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Common Questions Addressed.
Do You Offer Same Day Delivery?
Delivery is free with any order over $200. We will require a lead-time of two working days (for available local stock). We strive to please, and will do our best to fulfill any urgent wine needs.
What Happens If The Recipient Of A Corporate Or Personal Gift Set Is Not Available At The Given Address?
We will make the effort to get in touch with the receipient to get more information. There may be a small delivery fee charged to the sender if the delivery needs to be rerouted or rescheduled for a different day.
If I Need Wine Advice, Do You Have Any To Offer?
As part of our professional service to make sure you have an amazing wine experience with us, we are more than happy to help provide wine recommendations.
How About Wines For My Gatherings, Parties And Events?
We are pleased to offer wine recommendations and matching ideas whenever you need them since we want to make sure that your parties and events are a success.
What Are Other Services Do You Offer?
  • Fine and rare wines are sold wholesale and retail.
  • On-trade supplies to prestigious restaurants and luxury hotels.
  • Finest wine storage facilities: self-storage services are offered to clients.
What is the difference between "In-bond" and "Duty Paid"?
"In bond" means the wine/spirit's duties/taxes aren't paid yet. They can be stored or moved under customs control.

"Duty paid" means all customs obligations are met, and wines/spirits are free for use or sale within the country.
What are you shipping rates?
For all orders within Singapore, SGD 200 and above, delivery is free. For all orders below SGD 200, the delivery fee is SGD 20. We do not ship internationally at this current moment.
What is the latest GST update?
Revised GST rate of 9% starting 1 January 2024: The Singapore government will increase the Goods & Services Tax (GST) in 2024. The increase from 8% to 9% will take effect from 1 January 2024. The GST increase will be reflected in WK fees and charges accordingly.